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Port Community System


Serving your logistics competitiveness

Tanger Med Port Community System (PCS) is a digital platform dedicates to facilitate port and logistics operations for public and private stakeholders. The PCS has been designed to optimise time for the different stakeholders and to simplify administrative procedures.

Tanger Med Port Community System is an evolving platform that continuously adds value. It has been developed for the community and is responsive to their needs, thus continuously offering new digital solutions and strengthening their competitiveness.

Why Tanger Med Port Community System ?

  • To connect all stakeholders in the port and logistics chain
  • To facilitate, manage and automate administrative procedures in an efficient way
  • To optimise logistics chains through an intelligent and instantaneous exchange of information with stakeholders.
  • To make national and international supply chains more attractive through a single access platform

A multi-service platform to carry out all your procedures

Numerous benefits for stakeholders :

Interconnected Systems
Average number of e-mails exchanged per day
Average number of export transactions processed per day
Average number of Import operations processed per day

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