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New digital service available at Tanger Med Port: secure collectionof imported goods


As part of the global paperless project and in line with the ongoing development of digital services to facilitate import and export operations, Tanger Med has implemented a secure solution in the Port Community System (PCS) for the collection
of imported goods (currently dependent on the delivery of the original Delivery Order), through the replacement of the original paper document by its electronic substitute.


A set of rules and controls have been implemented to give the electronic Delivery Order the same function
as the paper original. The entire solution allows Tanger Med Port customers to apply for an import clearance in advance by attaching the electronic Delivery Order to exit the Port.

An optimization of the transit times is achieved thanks to the opportunity for the customers to operate their outbound procedures with the shipping lines in parallel with the Port operations while also meeting the real needs of processing the import flows with the best security practices.

This global approach, ranging from the original electronic Delivery Order, to securing the Port's exit, including the digitization of the Pulling Order process, is being deployed progressively and inclusively with all the stakeholders in these operations.
In fact, after consultation with the Port and logistics community, it has been decided that the implementation of this solution will be progressive starting March 29, 2022 for a widespread application as of June 1, 2022.