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Total digitization of the import and export port passage from November 15th

Tanger Med informs its customers and partners that, from now on, the formalities of the import and export port passage for containers and trucks activities will be completely digitized, starting from November 15th, 2021.

Operators can perform the formalities of the port passage online and electronically submit all the required documents to the services responsible for the management of the Import-Export activities.

Users can access this service from Tanger Med Port Community System “” accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers, and already offering a range of operational services such as traceability of freight units, remote billing and online payment.

During its test phase in 2021, Tanger Med supported several operators who took part in this participatory digitalization process to manage all their formalities online.

Tanger Med will continue to provide support to all operators wishing to benefit from this new service, through training sessions and local support to succeed this transition phase.

The total digitization of the import and export port passage makes it possible to fluidify the operations, to guarantee a high level of security for good flows, and to meet the customers’ expectations for the strengthening of the digitization, transparency, and predictability, in service of the logistics competitiveness.

The total digitization of the port passage will become mandatory starting from February 15th, 2022.

More details in the video