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Gate in Gate out

The "Gate-in - Gate-out" container flow regulation system for the access of trucks to the container terminals is aimed at managing the drop-off and pick-up movements of containers at APM Terminals and Eurogate.

An EDI interface between Tanger Med Information System and the shipping line systems is being implemented to automatically retrieve notifications of authorisations for the deposit or collection of containers.

The terminal operators will proceed via the same platform by validating the authorisation requests issued by the shipping lines, and possibly offering slots to the carriers according to the operational capacity of the terminal.


Gate in – Gate out allows : 

  • Rationalise and better plan the arrival of trucks in the port area and ensure better planning and regulation of container traffic in the port contributing to more efficient, transparent and predictive land-based operations and avoiding congestion of facilities in the port,
  • Ensure better planning of terminal operations,
  • Improve service and processing times for customers,
  • Reduce the security risk to people and property at the SAS, the port perimeter, and container terminal yards,
  • Controlling the movement of empty flatbed trucks in the port.


  • Shipping agent
  • Terminal operator
  • Carrier
  • Shipping company
Advance notice of arrival of import containers
Functionality allowing shipping lines to communicate information on import container traffic. This information is used to authorise access to control areas.
Container Pickup Confirmations
A feature offered to carriers to check the availability of containers for handling. Access is restricted only when the shipping line declares this information.
Regulation of flows with terminal operators
Functionality that allows for the regulation of flows, since space managers have the required visibility and access for means of transport is only authorised for the performance of effective operations.

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