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Agri-business exports

Control of authorities

Control of authorities

Tanger Med has set up a paperless solution for the export process of agri-business products originally from packaging stations throughout the Kingdom. Indeed, the inspection certificate issued by FOODEX and the phytosanitary certificate issued by ONSSA necessary for agri-business exports are systematically integrated into Tanger Med Port Community System and accessible to a database of nearly 5,000 Moroccan exporters through the whole Kingdom.

For instance, a citrus exporter from the region of Agadir will be able from its production site to connect to his accounts, whether in Morocco Foodex’s portal or in Tanger Med Port Community Sytem, and apply for certification of conformity of its products, consult the control results issued by Morocco Foodex and to digitally generate the inspection certificate of its exports.

Thanks to the automated exchange, these documents are also transmitted digitally to the Customs Administration to obtain the customs-boarding voucher through the port. 

These new paperless services made by Tanger Med are the result of a partnership with the FOODEX and ONSSA control bodies, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, as well as with the Customs and Indirect Taxes Administration, serving the competitiveness and facilitation of Moroccan agribusiness exports. 


  • Optimization of boarding time and transit time
  • Improving the logistical competitiveness of the Moroccan exporter
  • Simplification of control procedures
  • Reliable and fluid exchange of data between stakeholders
  • Better traceability of information up to the port of Algeciras 
  • Facilitation of Moroccan agro-business exports
  • Exporters
  • Freight forwarder
  • Control bodies 
Registration and declaration of activities
First registration of an exporter for one or more activities during a crop year.
The exporter completes the registration form by providing the information necessary for registration and downloads the mandatory documents.
Registration and approval of packing stations
First registration of an infrastructure for an activity during an agricultural campaign.
The managing exporter fills in the registration form indicating the necessary information and downloads the required documents according to the chosen activity.
Packing list
Functionality allowing the infrastructure manager to send the control request through the packing list containing the products to be exported,etc.
FOODEX certificate of conformity
Certificate approving the conformity of products from the Citrus and Vegetable Products sectors intended for the European Market.
The exporter or his authorized Freight Forwarder completes the Certificate of Conformity request form indicating the desired Packing List (s), the means of transport, products, packages, Net Weight, etc.
FOODEX inspection certificate
Certificate approving the conformity of agricultural and seafood products intended for export and meeting the requirements of the destination markets.
The exporter or his authorized forwarder complete the Inspection Certificate request form by choosing: the packing list, the Single Merchandise Declaration (DUM), the type of transport desired, the products, the weights ... etc, and upload the required documents.
ONSSA phytosanitary certificate
Certificate issued by the National Office for the Sanitary Safety of Food Products (ONSSA) indicating the conformity of food products intended for export which meet the regulatory requirements of the recipient countries.
While filling in the Inspection Certificate application form, the exporter or his forwarder choose the appropriate Phytosanitary Certificate via the existing interface between the two systems: MOROCCO FOODEX and that of ONSSA.
Exchange of the FOODEX inspection certificate with Customs
Functionality allowing the transmission of the results of DUM articles automatically to Customs according to three statuses: Admitted - Not Admitted or Partially Admitted, provided that the sum of the Net weights of the product of the inspection certificates is equal to the Total net weight of the article DUM.
Exchange of the FOODEX certificate of conformity with international control bodies
Functionality allowing the exchange of the results of Certificates of Conformity between Morocco Foodex and the countries of the European Union as the case of the DGCCRF in France.

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