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المناطق النائية

Gate Access

Tanger Med activity zones, as a logistics and industrial platform integrated to a high-performance port platform, offer logistics operators a better competitiveness in the management of the distribution chain (freight costs, port processing, transit time, etc.), a quality infrastructure and logistics integration to the best international standards.

This logistical integration, which meets the needs of fluidity, traceability and security of logistical flows, is based on the use of the GATE ACCESS system that allows:

  • Management and traceability of goods entering/leaving the activity zones,
  • The management and traceability of inter/intra zone flows,
  • The possibility of extracting relevant statistics of the flow of goods.
  • Reliability and transparency of information exchanges with the different actors (activity zones, port, logistics operators, customs, etc.),
  • Cooperation with the Customs services in the port and free zones
  • The execution of transfer, intervention or external repair requests, from Gate Access


  • Acceleration of the digitisation  process and fluidity of the freight unit handling process
  • Automatic integration of the customs declaration of flows (DUM) from and to Tanger Med activity zones.
  • Reinforcement of the reactivity and transparency of the information exchanges between the actors (Free zones, Port, logistic operators, Customs, etc.),
  • Optimisation of the traceability of goods flows transiting through the port and Tanger Med activity zones,
  • Improvement of the competitiveness of industrial and logistic operators

 The GATE ACCESS service is offered to all customers present in the activity zones, and operators in the automotive, textile, agri-business, aeronautics and logistics sectors.

  • Activity zone managers
  • Importer
  • Exporter 
  • Control bodies
  • port authority 
Goods entry and exit declarations
Functionality allowing operators settled within Tanger Med activity zones to make the declarations of goods entry from Morocco or from abroad to the concerned zone, or goods exit from the activity zone to Morocco, abroad or to another Tanger Med activity zone (intra-zone exchange)
Transfer of goods
Functionality allowing the operator to declare the transfer of their goods to another operator located in the same activity zone
Traction management
Functionality allowing the declaration of the entry and exit of empty transport units that will be used by the declaring operator.
Declaration of non-transformation
Functionality allowing operators installed in the activity zones to make a request in the Gate Access system in order to obtain a certificate of non-transformation which will be necessary for consumption operations.
Grouping operation
Functionality allowing the management of grouping operations made by several operators sharing the same transport unit.
External Repair Request
Any technical intervention on equipment or material outside the activity zones requires the operator to enter an external repair declaration form on Gate Access. This functionality allows to control the return of the equipment to the activity zones, control of the intervention duration and information on the entry of the equipment from the operator.
External service providers' intervention request
Functionality allowing the creation of an intervention request which contains the data of the external service provider and their tools or repair equipment.
In this case, this application makes it possible to trace the flow of the external contractor's equipment and tools in the activity zones.

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