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Import port passage

Port Operations

Port Operations

Service allowing companies involved in the import freight sector to complete the formalities for the port passage of freight units through Tanger Med port complex based on the online declaration of the Request for Authorisation for Import Port Movement and the electronic filing of documents with the port authority.

In parallel with the extended digitization of customs declarations, these companies will benefit from a simplification of their procedures while guaranteeing a high level of security for goods flow.

- Documentary digitization by integrating the electronic signature of documents (Integration of documents directly at the portal and simplified declaration by automated loading of data from the unified goods declaration DUM by the Customs).

- Possibility to benefit from the remote taxation service (online via Tanger Med Port Community System) with online access to invoices.


  • Reduce and enhance the administrative procedures reliability when it comes to the transit of goods
  • Optimise the processing time of import flows
  • Monitor in real time the processing of requests for authorisation of import port movements by customers
  • Improve the competitiveness of importers through the port complex
  • Lighten the logistics chain management


  • Carrier
  • Freight forwarder
  • Control bodies
Online declaration of port passage
Functionality allowing to performe the online request of port passage. In fact, the declarant submits to the port manager their request by attaching the required documents according to the procedure in force. It should be noted that paperless documents could be attached digitally (such as the DUM). This is possible thanks to the exchange of information between the systems of the different control bodies.
Traction order
Functionality allowing carriers to perform their traction order online by choosing the units concerned and the desired traction mode.
Digitization of docking order
Docking of goods subject to control is communicated digitally to the customs services.
Exit voucher
The exit voucher issued by Tanger Med port authority is transmitted digitally to the Customs Administration. The digitization of this procedure allows to streamline the control at the exit of Tanger Med port.

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