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Customs summary declaration

Control of authorities

Control of authorities

Goods presented to Customs must be covered by a summary declaration. This declaration is made exclusively through the Port Community System by the carrier of the goods before port of call through the captain of the vessel or their duly authorised representative (consignee or shipbroker) within the following regulatory deadlines:

- at least 24 hours before the ship arrives in port

- At latest at the time of departure of the vessel from the last served port if the duration of the passage is less than 24 hours.

After validation of the elements entered, the system displays the number, time and date of registration of the declaration, which thus fully commits the declaring party with regard to the requirements of customs and non-customs legislation and regulations.


  • Simplify and harmonise administrative procedures
  • Share information related to maritime calls between operators in real time
  • Reduce vessel waiting times
  • Reduce logistics chain management


  • Shipping agent
  • Shipping company
Pool summary declaration
It is more and more frequent in maritime transport that a single vessel is chartered by several shipping lines. As such, the main consignee is the only responsible for filing the so-called pool summary declaration at the Port Community System of Tanger Med for all the goods unloaded.
In this regard, the main consignee first declares the required information, in particular the references of the ports of call, the total tonnage landed and its distribution among the different consignees of the pool. The entry and validation of the summary declaration by the main consignee is a necessary condition for the entry of the bills of lading by the other secondary consignees or co-loaders.
Non-grouped summary declaration Non-Pool
The Moroccan customs code prescribes the obligation to register goods arriving by sea on the ship's commercial manifesto as well as the filing by the captain or his representative, within 24 hours, of a summary declaration of which the form, the statements and the documents must be annexed, are fixed by order of the Minister in charge of finance. This functionality allows shipping agents to electronically file this declaration and submit it to Customs.
Summary declaration of unloading
Functionality enabling the declarant to enter and record the state of unloading. This declaration, also considered as a customs declaration, is filed with the Customs service when the need for unloading arises.
This need may be justified by the obligation to separate :
- A container (container, trailer, truck) from its contents
- A content shared between several recipients

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