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Management of Dangerous Goods



The ship’s captain must inform the Port Authority, before accessing Tanger Med Port, of any defect incurred by the ship, its machinery, equipment or devices, and of any damage or leakage presented by the dangerous cargoes and of any failure of their containment systems, which are likely to endanger human life, property or the environment.

Dangerous goods brought in or removed by rail or road must be declared, in the form used in the port, to the harbourmaster's office at least 24 hours (working days) before their arrival, by the shipper or their agent.

The Port Authority has a Compendium on the Management of Hazardous Materials in the Port. This document sets out the conditions for the passage of each class of hazardous material, in terms of the quantity permitted, the safety measures to be observed, and the conditions of storage, handling and circulation of these hazardous materials.

The Port Authority may prohibit the entry into the port or require the exit from the port of any ship or vehicle whose cargo does not comply with the requirements of international and national regulations, and does not present, from safety point of view, guarantees at least equivalent to those resulting from the application of these requirements.

Regarding explosive, infectious, radioactive hazardous materials or military equipment, requiring a prior authorisation from the competent authorities for any transit, loading or unloading at Tanger Med Port, the deadlines for the prior declaration are defined by specific instructions drawn up for this purpose by the port authority. These materials and equipment are subject to exit or direct entry into the port after obtaining the go-ahead from the competent authorities.

Captains or consignees of ships carrying hazardous materials are required to declare electronically and according to the IMDG code, the nature, classification, quantity and packaging of these materials in the port of call management information system. This declaration must be made to the harbourmaster's office according to the model in use in the port at least 48 hours before the arrival of the ship, or at the latest 12 hours before the departure of the last affected port, if it is less than 48 hours from the port of Tanger Med. 

Any request concerning the passage of hazardous materials through Tanger Med Port can be addressed to the Security and Intervention Office of the Harbourmaster's Office at the following e-mail address:


  • Provide a one-stop-shop service dedicated to processing requests related to the passage of hazardous materials. 
  • Avoid any accident or incident linked to the transport, handling or storage of hazardous materials
  • Control the conditions of access and exit of containers, semi-trailers and trucks transporting hazardous materials.
  • Respect the rules of storage and segregation between incompatible hazardous materials.
  • Ensure safe and secure passage of dangerous goods through the port.
  • Shipping agent
Déclaration des marchandises dangereuses HAZMAT
La déclaration des marchandises dangereuses s’adresse à la capitainerie selon les modèles en usage dans le port, en précisant la nature, la quantité et la classification de ces matières.
Traçabilité des marchandises dangereuses
L’autorité portuaire reçoit quotidiennement la situation des marchandises dangereuses présentes dans l’ensembles des terminaux du Port. Cette situation donne des informations sur la nature, la quantité, le temps de séjour, et l'emplacement d’entreposage de ces matières dangereuses.

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