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Port Of Call Management



The management of maritime calls at Tanger Med port is entirely dematerialised. The shipping agent, through the Port Community System, sends a request to the harbour captain's office for a berth allocation and digitally transmits all the documents related to the call.  The shipping agent can also use Tanger Med Port Community System to request additional services, such as call certificate, rental request of a pilot boat, deballasting or work request, etc. 

This system can be used to consult other types of information such as the ship rotation program, information on the technical characteristics of the port or the Berth plan. This module also allows to manage the order of ship movements. Indeed, given the large number of calls that the port records, it is necessary to implement accompanying measures to minimise shipowners waiting times, hence this participative approach between all the players to identify areas for improvement and understand the constraints of each entity.


  • Reduce ship waiting times
  • Improve the safety of maritime traffic in Tanger Med port area by reducing the drift time of large ships in the roadstead  
  • Simplify and harmonise administrative procedures 
  • Optimise the allocation of services to ships (piloting, towing and mooring)
  • Reduce Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) consumption
  • Reduce CO2 footprint 
  • Maritime Agent
  • Forwarder
  • Exporter
  • Importer
  • Logistician
  • Maritime company
Request for berth allocation
The shipping agent requests the harbour captain's office for berth allocation: reservation, update or cancellation.
Electronic filing of call documents
The shipping agent electronically transmits to the port authority's harbour captain's office the call documents, i.e., notice to captains captain, entry declaration, ship's Particulars, ISPS declaration, Marpol declaration, crew list, cargo manifest, merchant marine notification, passenger list.
Electronic signature of documents
After reception of the call documents, they are electronically signed by the shipping agent and electronically transmitted to the harbour captain's office of Tanger Med port and to all the administrations concerned by the management of port of calls.
Declaration of Security ISPS
The shipping agent digitally sends the ISPS Declaration of Security to Tanger Med Port Authority.
Environmental Declaration MARPOL
The request for discharge of the ship's waste, established by the captain or the agent, is sent to the Port's Harbourmaster's Office and to the Waste Collection Permit Holder who will proceed to the removal of waste once the ship is in port, with presentation of a delivery receipt conforming to the IMO Model.
Ship services order
Electronic request to the harbourmaster's office of Tanger Med port to assign a service to the ship (reception, piloting, towing, mooring, ship repair,...)
Ship handling request
Functionality that consists in the electronic transmission of the request issued by the shipping agents for the provisioning of their ships docked at Tanger Med port
Bunkering order
Shipping agents wishing to carry out a bunkering operation in Tanger Med Port are required to send a notification in advance by e-mail to the VTS ( and the Security and Interventions office of the harbourmaster's office (, specifying the nature and quantity of bunker hydrocarbons requested.

Bunkering barges have to ensure strict compliance with the safety provisions specified in the bunkering regulations for vessels in Tanger Med Port. The bunkering operations checklist, annexed to these regulations must also be filled in and handed over to the same harbourmaster's office contacts before the start of bunkering operations.

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